Validate your startup idea!

Nichetester takes you from vague startup idea to validated business model - know that you can succeed before you even start building!

Form a brand and a business model
Generate a landing page to test your idea
Analyze and iterate until your idea converts
Collect customer details for when you launch!

Got a great idea?

Naturally you want to plow right into building it...but that's a mistake! Until you've validated it, your idea is just a guess and you could spend hundreds of hours to create something no one will want.

First, do your homework

Who will buy this? Why? How can you prove it? Refining your idea, validating up-front and iterating as you go could be the difference between success and disappointment when you launch.

Get some help

This is a lot of work, and you're probably not an expert in it. NicheTester guides you step-by-step through the process of planning a business model, building a brand, figuring out your market, generating an experimental sales site, running ads to drive traffic and analyzing the results to validate your idea, all before you start work on the product itself.

If they will come, build it!

Going from an idea to a successful business involves much more than just building a product, but this doesn't have to be difficult or boring. Let NicheTester guide you all the way from lightbulb moment to successful business.