Don't waste time on bad business ideas!

NicheTester generates experimental sales sites for your startup and business ideas so you can validate them in the marketplace - know that you'll succeed before you start building.

Quickly generate test sales sites from our templates
Use your favourite ad platform to attract test customers
Analyze conversion rates to iterate on your idea until it converts
Collect details of converted visitors for when you launch!

Before you build, make sure you can sell

NicheTester validates your business ideas by generating experimental sales sites that measure how your products will perform in the marketplace. A NicheTester site sells your product as if it were already available, but when the "Buy" button is clicked, rather than take payment information it simply records the conversion in your analytics suite, explains that the idea is coming soon, and invites the customer to leave their email for when it launches. If your idea converts now, you know it'll convert once you've built the product.

It's OK to test on humans!

Not everyone is comfortable with the hustle inherent in selling a product before it exists. NicheTester lets you control exactly what you reveal to potential customers, and how far to reach with conversion goals. Mark the product as "Coming Soon", advertise a trial rather than a purchase, or maximise the accuracy of the experiment by making the site as close to the real thing as possible - you're in control.

If they will come, build it.

Building your product before you know whether there's a market for it is obsolete and wasteful - experts like Eric Ries in The Lean Startup encourage founders to experiment with and validate their product before they start development. Building an experimental sales site to test an idea was described by Rob Walling (as a "mini sales site") in Start Small Stay Small in 2010, and is the best way to be sure that customers will actually buy your product once you launch it.

Until it's validated, your business idea is just a guess. Test first, experiment with your idea and don't commit until you see traction.